Can we receive 5G signals on an airplane?


Hello everyone,do you know how far does 5g base station signals can be transmitted?


-With the accelerated construction of 5G, there are more and more 5G base stations on the ground. If the 5G signal on the ground can be transmitted into the sky, the mobile phone can receive the signal on the plane, so that it can communicate on the Internet normally?

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-In dense city areas, the coverage of base stations is basically within a few hundred meters, in remote areas,the maximum distance is a few kilometers and it seems that do not have the ability to cover ten thousand meters. When constructing a 5G network, how many base stations are needed in the beginning of network planning .Actually,network planning is mainly considered from two aspects: capacity and coverage.

-What is 5G coverage?

-The so-called coverage that is the signal transmitted by the base station which can be received by your mobile phone ,after experiencing space propagation loss, various trees occlusion, and reflection of obstacle,finally can be received by your mobile phone and also successfully received by the base station within the maximum distance.

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-Generally, the base station is a huge object compared to the mobile phone, the transmission power of the signal is much more stronger than the mobile phone, thus theoretically it can be transmitted far away. For example, the TV tower being used in many cities is equivalent to a super-large base station. Due to high power and high height, one tower can cover the entire city.

-Aairplane at the altitude of 10,000 meters can receive the signal or not?

-If the antenna of the base station is aimed at the sky to transmit the signal without any obstruction, the propagation loss is relatively small and the propagation range of the signal will be wider. This is pure line-of-sight transmission. In addition, the planes in the sky are relatively sparse, the number of passengers is not large and there are fewer people online at the same time. Therefore, when the sky is covered, it needs to be considered the coverage rather than capacity.

-If the cruising altitude of the airplane is 12,000 meters, the coverage radius of a ground-to-air base station can theoretically reach 400 kilometers. If you consider some margins, a dozen base stations can cover a route and just need a few hundred sites to cover the whole country.

-There are still problems to be considered here. The base station can transmit the signal so far, but the mobile phone is only a little over 100 grams and the receiving ability is very weak. Can it receive the signal from the base station for hundreds of kilometers away? Communication is two-way, downlink is important and uplink is also very critical. The transmit power of a 5G mobile phone is not more than 0.4 watts .the transmitted signal can travel hundreds of kilometers to the base station or not?

-Actually it doesn't work. Not only the mobile phone can not receive the signal from the base station on the plane, but the signal sent by the base station which is also impossible to receive.

-If you want to send and receive message smoothly on the plane, you need to reform the plane and install a high-gain antenna on the belly of the plane, so that you can communicate with each other from base stations hundreds of kilometers away.

-After the airplane receives signal from the base station , the 5G signal is replaced by a WiFi signal through the CPE equipment, so that all passengers can connect to WiFi and surf the internet. The user's uplink data is gathered on the CPE, then converted into 5G signals, sent out through the airborne antenna, and received and processed by the base station on the ground, achieving a closed loop of bit life.

-If you want to enjoy 5G at an altitude of 10,000 meters, a series of air coverage technologies are needed to allow  base stations on the ground to cover the sky. The development of 5G is a long-term evolution process. I believe that in the future, 5G will effectively serve our daily network demands, even give birth to more fresh terminal equipment. Our life entertainment and work methods will undergo earth-shaking changes.

-What is 5G repeater?

-Amplitec 5G repeater,which is a repeater between the base station (BS) and the mobile station (MS). That is a co-frequency amplifier device. The basic function of the repeater is a radio frequency signal power booster.

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-To use the repeaters as one of the necessary method to achieve the goal of "small capacity, large coverage" , because using the repeater to ensure network coverage without increasing the number of base stations, its cost is much cheaper than micro cellular systems with the same effect. 5G repeater is a preferred solution to solve the ability of communication network to extend coverage.

-Compared with the base station, it has the advantages of simple structure, less investment and convenient installation. The 5G repeater has the function of wireless forwarding and two way simultaneous amplification of 5G & 4G uplink/downlink signals, which is used to solve closed blind spots quickly or weak signal areas of  5G & 4G signal coverage . it is an ideal solution for basements or closed type of business activities place, such as business halls / small shopping malls / supermarkets / leisure and entertainment venues / offices / villas and other application scenarios.

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