1. Will a repeater increase the Radio Frequency radiation?
No, it will decrease. A regular cell phone has an output of 2 Watt. If receiving signal from BTS is weak, The cell phone will have max output power to pick up signal from BTS. when a repeater is installed, it improves the mobile signals in the coverage, and the successful call can be connected easily with a much less power level of the mobile phone. Thus it will reduce the Radio Frequency radiation of the mobile phone tremendously.
2. Why does my mobile phone have poor signal strength indoors?
With new homes and buildings in particular, the signal outside is often strong enough , but as soon as you step indoors, the signal weakens or is lost. There are various factors that can influence the strength of the signal, such as the building’s construction, the materials used (metal, concrete or wood), wall thickness, number of windows, building height, etc. In addition to the physical construction of a building, a poor signal can also be the result of the building’s geographical location in relation to the nearest mobile phone mast.
3. What frequency of repeater do I need?
Commonly used frequency system: GSM900 and DCS1800 for voice,UMTS 2100 for 3G service, LTE800/1800/900/2600 for 4G service frequency. Details information, please check local carriers and their frequency spectrum.
4. What are the benefits of using a repeater?
The main advantage is that you have good coverage indoors. You no longer have to go outside. Another advantage is that the mobile phone battery does not run down as quickly because of improved signal strength.
5. How do mobile phone repeaters / signal boosters work?
After the repeater and compact antenna(s) have been installed, the signal from the mobile network is picked up by an outside antenna. The signal is transmitted to the repeater, which then boosts the signal and provides good coverage via an inside antenna in your home or office. A repeater is a solution that provides good mobile phone coverage indoors.
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