How to install a home signal booster ?


Before Installation

1.Choose the right booster: Select a booster compatible with your carrier and the frequency bands it uses. Check your carrier's website or contact their customer service for specific information.

2.Identify signal strength: Use a signal strength app or your phone's signal indicator to determine the strongest signal location outside your home. This will be the ideal spot for the external antenna.

3.Gather tools: You'll likely need a screwdriver, drill, wrench, mounting hardware, and a coaxial cable.

Installation Steps

1.Mount the External Antenna: Install the external antenna in the location identified in step 2. Mount it securely on a roof, pole, or other high point to maximize signal reception.

2.Connect the External Antenna: Run the coaxial cable from the external antenna to the booster amplifier. Connect the cable to the antenna and amplifier using the provided connectors.

3.Position the Booster Amplifier: Place the booster amplifier indoors, preferably in a central location. Avoid placing it near electronics or other sources of interference.

4.Connect the Power Supply: Connect the power adapter to the booster amplifier and plug it into an electrical outlet.

5.Connect the Internal Antenna: Connect the internal antenna to the booster amplifier using the provided coaxial cable. Place the internal antenna in the area where you want to improve signal strength.

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Testing and Troubleshooting

1.Test Signal Strength: Use your phone to check the signal strength in the area where the internal antenna is located. You should see a noticeable improvement.

2.Troubleshooting: If signal strength is still weak, try adjusting the position of the external antenna or internal antenna. If the problem persists, contact the booster manufacturer for assistance.

Additional Tips

1.Consult the specific instructions for your booster model for detailed installation guidance.

2.Be mindful of safety precautions when working at heights or using tools.

If you're unsure about any steps, consider seeking professional installation assistance.

By following these steps and additional tips, you can successfully install a home signal booster and enjoy enhanced cellular coverage in your home. If you would like to cover more large area, that you could use the power splliter or power coupler to split the power to each linked service antenna,  or you can ask for professional team for support.

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Material list of for the installation:

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