MDAS Solution is called Multi-service digital distribution system access system,Output power of 27dBm, this MDAS solution includes the MU (Main Unit), EU (Extended Unit), RU (Remote Unit), one MU could link 4 EUs, one EU could link 4 RUs, the maxinum could link 256 RUs.

MDAS system System couple 2G, 3G and 4G signals from BTS via the access control unit,use the way of digital transmission, transmission to the proximal end of the extended unit by fiber optic, broadband access signal combiner in the extended unit,and then transfer via Gigabit Ethernet port to several remote radio unit,after remote RF unit processed signal to digital, 2G, 3G and 4G signals
through an antenna to achieve coverage,while 4G signal use dual antennas to receive and transfer. Wideband signal through the Fast Ethernet port broadband network coverage.
MDAS Solution is one of in-building signal coverage solution, it's a active and passive solution, this solution suitbale to the high rise building, big area indoor application.

MDAS consist of MU (master unit), EU(extended unit) and RU(remote unit), one MU could connect 4 EUs, and could connect the maxmum 256 RUs.

MDAS Solution output power 27dBm, signal coupled directly from BTS, the coverage is very stable.
MDAS solution is one of in-building celluar signal booster system to improve the indoor signal coverage. this solution it consisted of MU(main unit) EU(extended unit) and RU (remote unit. one MU could link 4 EUs and 256 RUs. it's a best solutions to solve the weak signal problem for those larege area such as supermaket, shopping mall, airport, station...etc.

MDAS solution out put power is 27dBm, coupled the signal directly from base station, support wide full band or narrow band, support 2x2 mimo.
Wireless signal MDAS solution is call Multi-service digital distribution system access system, it includes Includes the MU (Main Unit), EU (Extended Unit), RU (Remote Unit), it Integrates 2G, 3G and 4G seamless coverage.

The MDAS couplered signal from BTS directly, support wide band or band selective, support 2X2 mimo, support local and remote control.

The MDAS solution is suitable for those applications such as Airports, Railway stations, Bus stations, Ports,Exhibition centers, Museums theaters, Public libraries..ect.
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