-Amplitec 2 way,3 way,4way power splitter,freuency range 698~3800MHz,N-female connector.

-Low PIM,Low Insertion Loss,Low VSWR,High Isolation.

-Compact size,light weight,
7D-FB/LMR 400 coaxial cable, 50Ω impedance, low VSWR, low return loss coax, great performance for communications.

This 7D -FB rg coaxial cable are widely used for communications such as mobile signal boster, repeater, amplifier, in-building mobile signal coverage project.
3D 5D 7D 1/4 1/2 7/8 Different Types Of Rf Coaxial Cable Cord, low insertion loss, 50Ω, rf coax feeder cable for engineering.
Communications RF Coaxial Cable LMR240, Inner conductor material OFC, diemeter 1.42mm, jacket layer is PVC/PE, diemeters 6.1mm, impedance 50Ω. this communication cable is widely used for mobile signal booster repeater amplifier to boost the mobile signal for small home, office, and other indoor applications.
-Wide-band design, 698-2700MHz

-Low PIM

-Compact size and light weight

-Easy to be installed

-Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications
1/2 super flexible coaxical rf cable, Inner conductor materital is copper, diemeter 3.6mm,characteristic impedance 50Ω,the 1/2 flexible rf coaxical cable product meet the RoHS requirement, and according to the requirements of RoHS, you can see the RoHS mark on the outside package.
1/2 rigid coaxical cable, it's widely used for the some project since it has low insertion loss. Products meet the Rohs requirements, and according to the requirements of RoHS, you can see the Rohs mark on the outside package
Dummy load is also named terminal load, average power 100Watt, Impedance 50Ω,din male connector, the product is widely used for IBS project or DAS solution.
This RA50 series signal attenuator, it's widely used for IBS coverage solutions or DAS soltuions, with it's stable product quality, low pim features, the product is high purchased rate by mobile operators. it has 6dB/10dB/20dB/30dB antennuator model available.
200W RF amflifier power attenuator, wide band 689~2700MHz, N-male in connector, N-Female out connector.

The power attenuator is widely used for IBS solutions, DAS solutions. high quality low PIM design.
low insertion loss 2-way, 3-ways, 4-ways microstrip splitters is used to split the power, with the low PIM ≤-150dBc, high quality features. output power 50Watt, N-female connector.
low loss 7/8 50ohm coaxial cable for outdoor or indoor application, it could be used as the feeder cable to transimit the communication signal for high power mobile signal booster repeater amplifier.

7/8 coaxial cable card jacket layer is halogen free PE,outer conductor is corrugated copper tube,Insulation is foam PE, and Inner conductor is copper tube, it's high quality ourdoor coaxial cable for the project.
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