Cellphone signal booster 5g amplifier repeater, boost 5g signal from 3300~3800Mhz, 5G signal booster antenna full set could be used for home, office, elevator etc.
1. Adaptive synchronization;
2. Automatically control two-path power balance;
3. Support using Bluetooth to connect to Amplitec Helper APP to view and debug system parameters;
4. Automatic shutdown function, automatically shuts down the downlink output when severe self-excitation or over power occurs;
5. Uplink idle shutoff function, the device enters sleep mode when there is no user in the coverage area, reducing interference to the base station;
6. MGC gain control function, with 1dB step to attenuate the gain among 1-31dB range;
7. ALC automatic power control function to keep the signal stable;
8. Automatic linkage link balance function.
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