-43dBm 95dB high power professional signal booster indoor coverage area upto 15000-23000㎡,outdoor upto 4-8km and easy to install.

-Digital ALC technology,auto limit the output power to ensure stable signal coverage.

-OLED display of system operating status such as frequency,gain,output power and isolation.

-Anti-interference,real time auto ISO detection and Self Oscillation Elimination keeping base station away from interference.

-Able to increase signal coverage,decrease mobile phone radiation, and increase mobile phone battery lifespan.
O40T series single band dual band fiber optical repeater,output power 40dBm, gain 95dB, it includes one MU(main unit) and RU(remote unit), one MU maxinum could link 4 RUs.

The fiber signal booster repeater amplifier supports BTS signal couplered and Wirelss signal couplered.

The fiber optical repeater is suitable to the area where do not have any signal strength, that this fiber optical repeater could use the MU to bright the signal to RU which installed at no signal area, to acheive the signal coverage.

The fiber optical repeater of the distance between MU&RU, it could up to 15KM.
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