• Wireless Signal DAS MDAS Solution
  • Wireless Signal DAS MDAS Solution
  • Wireless Signal DAS MDAS Solution

Wireless Signal DAS MDAS Solution

Brand: Amplitec

Product origin: Made In China

Supply capacity: 1,000 set per Month

Wireless signal MDAS solution is call Multi-service digital distribution system access system, it includes Includes the MU (Main Unit), EU (Extended Unit), RU (Remote Unit), it Integrates 2G, 3G and 4G seamless coverage.

The MDAS couplered signal from BTS directly, support wide band or band selective, support 2X2 mimo, support local and remote control.

The MDAS solution is suitable for those applications such as Airports, Railway stations, Bus stations, Ports,Exhibition centers, Museums theaters, Public libraries..ect.

Wireless Signal DAS MDAS Solution

MDAS solutions is one of in-building distribution antenna system for indoor signal enhancement solutions. This solutions are widely used for the big area such airports,stations, hotels as this solution one main unit could link four entended unit, and one entended unit could link four remote unit, the maxinum could link 256 remote units.  It's the best choice for large area mobile signal improvement. 

MDAS solutions each remote unit output power is 27dBm, gain 38dB, product features are :

1. Serial, parallel and star of hybrid networking 2G, 3G, 4G support automatic carrier wave
tracking, automatic modification frequency.

2. Automatic generation of network topology, easy terminal management and maintenance

3.Support up noise suppression function

4. Support 4G dual-channel 2 * 2 MIMO technology 

5. Proximal extension unit using a Gigabit Ethernet port, internal soft-switching function

6. 2G and 3G, 4G also has automatic carrier tracking function

7. Remote radio unit uses low-power circuit design, reduce overall power consumption

8. Remote upgrades, GM pass notes, quadruple play 

wireless signal DASMDAS Solutionin-building cellular enhancement

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